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Dragon Medical Practice Edition Case Studies

Dragon Medical Practice Edition has proven to be an effective tool for thousands of doctors, practices and clinics. These white papers document just a few of those successes.

  • Orthopedics: Dragon Medical used to speech enable a clinic's 'EHR to providing reduced turn around times, a reduction in overhead, $75,000 reduction in transcription costs, and increased documentation details resulting an 11% increase in Level 4 coding over six months.

  • Ophthalmology: Dragon Medical used by all three physicians in a practice to create high quality documentation unique to each patient encounter. Significant annual cost savings include $35,000 in transcription costs. Macros and templates reduce the time it takes to enter patient information, giving them more time at home.

  • Cardiology: Dragon Medical used by 17 full-time cardiologists to complete real-time patient notes, save $160,000 annually in transcription costs, reduce office staff by 4-5 FTEs, reduce denied claims, obtain unparalleled confidence in coding and increased referring physician satisfaction.

  • Rheumatology: Dragon Medical used by one physician and one physician's assistant to create high quality documentation unique to each patient encounter. Physicians, staff, and providers now have instant access to documentation and referring physicians are pleased with the quality of the notes they receive from Rheumatology Consultants immediately following a patient visit.

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